What is Covered in Home Insurance?

Home insurance is a type of coverage that homeowners are usually required to carry under their HOA agreement. However, even homeowners without this stipulation and those who own their homes outright shouldn’t neglect the coverage. As a Florida resident, home insurance fort myers fl adds protection and peace of mind that keeps you and your loved ones safely protected. However, it’s important to understand home insurance and what is and is not covered before purchasing a policy.

What is Home Insurance?

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Home insurance pays the costs to repair or replace damaged items if they are damaged by natural elements such as fire, tornado, or even theft. Some policies also include coverage that protects other people’s property in the event that it is damaged by acts of nature from a tree or other item on your property.

Homeowners Insurance Costs

Costs of homeowners insurance vary from one policyholder to the next. Numerous factors impact those costs, including the size of the home, the amount of coverage you elect to buy, the insurance company, and more. Before buying a policy, compare costs. It’s easy to compare costs via free quotes and ensures that you get the best price for your coverage.

What is Covered in a Homeowner’s Insurance Policy?

Standard policy coverage generally covers:

·    Your home and other structures on the property, including the garage and/or carport, etc.

·    Personal property.

·    Liability for damage caused to another person’s property.

Read over the policy well, since some types of damage is excluded from certain policies. Additional coverage is also available for homeowners that want added protection. There are additional costs tacked onto the coverage. However, many find it beneficial even with the added costs. Flood coverage is especially beneficial to Tampa residents, but is one of the many optional add-ons to your policy.