Janitorial Cleaners’ Code Of Ethics

Today, it might be listed as a going concern. More importantly, and reassuringly, the janitorial cleaners st. paul schedule of events is listed as an essential service. This could mean that it can be purchased in times of emergency. You would need to find out if your local contractor has a 24-hour service policy in place. Alternatively, urgent tasks can be scheduled at times that are convenient to the business owner.

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The code of ethics that janitors have always lived by is to serve and protect. Doesn’t that sound familiar. Nevertheless, they have always been highly regarded as custodians. All you need do is recall your school or college days. Before you have arrived for school, the janitor was already there. And long after the last bell rang, whether you were staying behind for football practice, library research or, heaven forbid, detention, the janitor was still there.

He was always the first to arrive. And the last to leave. The halls and classrooms were clean. So too the bathrooms. Best of all, the entire building was safe. Today, not much of that has changed. Commercial property and business owners are surely resting in the safe knowledge that their business interests are in good hands. Back in the day, you may also have recalled how the high school principal may have regarded the school’s janitor as an important member of the school staff.

Now more than ever before, the need for janitorial work is important. Perhaps it will be a while but this is a gentleman who will continue to be in the line of fire if you will. There is talk of social distancing. But there should be no need for social disruptions. Follow the good example of the school janitor and all will be well.